10 Life Hacks for Hair Care That Every Woman Should Know

Healthy, long and thick hair is the dream of every woman regardless of her age. And often, on the way to the beautiful hair, there are many barriers ladies have to overcome: a constant hair-splitting, brittleness, and dryness. But how to deal with problems and grow long and thick hair? Let’s take a closer look at the problem and try to find a solution together.

Our editorial decided to explore the problem in detail and prepared 10 secrets of luxurious hair that every woman should know about. So how to grow long and healthy hair – read our beauty tips below to know all the secrets by heart:

  1. Forget about silicone products – This component gradually accumulates on the hair, weights them, and attracts dust and dirt. As a result, you will never grow beautiful and healthy hair;
  2. Always rinse your hair with cool water – Cold water will help close the hair scales and make them shinier. You will notice the positive effect already after several washes.
  3. Give your hair a “rest” – Our hair also requires a certain timeout from the constant effects of a hair dryer, curling, and other styling products. Stop using all styling products for a month;
  4. Do a head massage – It turns out that a daily head massage can significantly increase the thickness of each hair, improves blood circulation to the hair follicles, and stimulates hair growth. Experts recommend massage for 10-15 minutes every day;
  5. Remember about haircut – If the hair does not fit well, then you have to visit your master. Timely haircut guarantees the health and thickness of the hair;
  6. Use a natural bristle comb – This comb improves blood flow to the scalp, resulting in healthy and strong hair;
  7. Use thermal protection – If you can’t imagine your life without styling, then always apply a special thermoprotection to your hair before using a hair dryer or ironing. The substance will protect your hair from dryness and brittleness.
  8. Do not rub the hair with a towel – Remember that rubbing hair with a towel raises horny scales, as a result of which the split ends of hair appear.
  9. Try not to use hairpins and elastics – Regular use of hairpins causes brokenness, dryness, and brittle hair;
  10. Do not go to bed with wet hair – During sleep, wet curls break and tangle, so you get a lack of healthy paillette. This leads to hair loss and other related problems.

There is nothing special about hair care. If you want to have healthy and long hair, using expensive and professional cosmetics is not enough. You should also follow the below rules; otherwise, you will simply leave money on the table.