3 Common Mistakes of Styling a Medium-Length Haircut

Styling medium-length hair at home isn’t that hard at all. But the mistakes you make while doing that can ruin even a perfectly done hairstyle by a professional.

A layered, medium-length haircut is one of the best hairstyles you can pick if you hate doing anything with your hair. It doesn’t require a two-hour prep situation and an hour ritual of curling and straightening. Here is one of the reasons why so many celebrities go for a medium-length haircut instead of wearing their hair long or cutting it extremely short. Kate Middleton, Emma Stone, Sienna Miller, Alexis Bledel, and Martha Hunt are huge fans of a middle length haircut particularly.

So, how to boost your hairstyle to wear it like a celebrity? Which three mistakes to avoid if you want to add volume and get an ideal texture?

Mistakes to Avoid When Styling a Medium-Length Haircut

If you have layers in your hair, you need a lot of texture and movement with your hairstyle to make it look perfect. That’s the result you should be aiming to while styling a shoulder length haircut. First of all, your hair should be brushed well without any tangles in it. Secondly, make sure you have a variety of brushes to get the most out of a blowout.

  1. Using the wrong brush. You can’t get a professional blowout with the wrong brush, especially if you have a middle length haircut with lots of layers in it. Get a large round brush. A brand doesn’t really matter. The key is a metal surface and the boar bristles.
  2. Blow drying hair all at once. To achieve the maximum volume, you have to blow dry your hair section by section starting from the underneath areas first to make sure that the roots are lifted. Only then, blow dry that section of hair on the top working down your hair. Work with an upward motion. If it is too hard, just blow dry sections of hair forward. That’s slightly different, but the result is still great.
  3. Not using hair oils or styling pomades. Styling a haircut isn’t finished if you haven’t used any treatment to stop your hair from going fluffy. You can use either a hair oil or a styling pomade. Use just a drop or two, rubbing it between your palms and going through the ends of your hair only

Now you know those three styling mistakes that stop you from getting a red carpet ready hairstyle on a daily basis. Use the recommendations above to improve your skills of blow drying and wearing a middle length haircut like a celebrity. Make sure you have the required tools and treatments first.