How to Do Medium-Length Hairstyles at Home

How to wear a stylish mid-length haircut if you do not have access to a stylist every single day? Does it mean you shouldn’t go for a medium-length haircut you’ve decided to steal from your favorite celebrities?

Summer season is an ideal time to play with your hair. Everyday visits to a hair stylist are not obligatory. There are lots of ways of doing your own hair perfectly at home. Margot Robbie, Zendaya, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Emma Stone, Felicity Jones, and Sienna Miller are the best examples of wearing a middle-length haircut that doesn’t require hours of styling. So, let’s have a look at how to make your everyday hairstyle look professionally done.

The Easiest Ways to Arrange Medium-Length Hair

The key part of doing a hairstyle is preparation. To make your haircut look wonderful and professionally done, put some effort into it. First of all, always do it with clean hair. Secondly, you should have some basic treatments in your regular hair care process. For example, hair oil, mousse, or bobby pins and hair ties. A mousse can be used even on dry hair. This adds texture and pliability before using a curling/flat iron.

So, here are a couple of DIY ways to arrange your hair at home if you have a middle-length haircut.

  • For the first one, you are going to need a ¾ inch sized curling iron and a couple of bobby pins. Curl your hair alternating the curling iron back and forth. In this case, you’ll achieve a more natural look. Let it cool for a few minutes and then go through it slightly with a brush/fingers. Go just above the middle of your eyebrows and pull a top part back. Section it to get front and back pieces. Create a loose three-strand braid with the front part. It doesn’t have to be perfect. The messier it is, the better. Pull it back towards the second part of hair you’ve divided earlier, twist the ends, and create a little bun. Use bobby pins.
  • For the second hairstyle, you are going to need just a few bobby pins. The following technique is called twisting. It is a great way of securing different areas of hair if you have a layered medium-length haircut .Or maybe you have bangs as well. Start with the right side (or left one if you prefer wearing hairstyles that way). Grab your hair behind the ear and start wrapping the bottom around, slowly going to the left side along the actual neckline. You can do it literally under one minute only. Start securing your hair with bobby pins. The better you pin the twist, the longer you are going to wear it without redoing or touching it at all. Crossing the pins and pinning from above instead of pinning up are the most effective ways of securing this particular hairstyle. A few seconds more and you are ready to go. Use a hair spray.

Since you know that Hollywood-inspired hairstyles can be easily recreated in your own bathroom before work, you can try doing them right now. Get inspired by celebs like Emma Stone, Zendaya, Felicity Jones, Ashley Greene, and Martha Hunt.